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Areas which we can help you with

High quality program and project data

Data Quality is not a one time fix but a process change. Planview can be used, via portals and reports, to highlight data quality successes and failures in real-time.
The reward for succeeding in this change is a single source of data. Decisions can be made at a project, portfolio and enterprise level with confidence that information supporting that decision is complete, accurate and has integrity.

improving Data Quality 

We have worked with a number of clients to assist them in improving the quality of their key data points across programs and projects.

Providing useful portfolios and program views and lenses

Synerg-X has expertise in using Business Objects,Report Builder,Power Pivot & Power BI to create everything from custom data extracts to unique and powerful visualisations. Everything we develop can be aligned to any business strategy be that cost reduction, profit maximisation, better project management and everything in between. 

Easy system usage for User base

Your employees are your most valuable asset. We specialise in providing easy system usage where users spend the minimal amount of time in systems, enter their data and are free to continue with other high value activities.

Simple, automated data extraction for both ad-hoc and regular reporting cycles

We work on the premise that if data has been stored in your system it can be reported on.
We pride ourselves in getting the right data in front of the right audience as simply as possible. This could be via an application screen, an ad-hoc report or a scheduled report.

Management of Solution Design & Solution Implementation & Rollout

Whilst most organisations have high quality project management capability we are very experienced in working with such resources and leadership teams to ensure customers’ PPM solutions are designed and implemented smoothly and assisting in the change management and embedding activity design and management associated with any good solution implementation